Quality Assurance
Letter of Guarantee 

Atlas World Food & Agriculture, hereinafter called the seller, does hereby guarantee to its affiliates, hereinafter called the buyer, that all nut products delivered by the seller to the buyer, at the time of delivery, are manufactured from sound, raw materials, and that the manufacturing process was carried on under the sanitary conditions provided for in the regulations under the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act approved June 25, 1938 and that the product fully complies with California Health & Safety Codes/Section 25248.9 of Proposition 65, that the products are at the time of shipment sound, wholesome, and for human food, that the containers and packages show thereon the true name and address of the manufacturer, or of the first dealer, and that the description of the contents is true and correct and conforms to the quality, container and labeling requirements of the said regulations.

Product Code and Date System

Atlas World Food & Agriculture maintains a systematic approach to identifying the product packaged in a case. This system helps identify product information pertaining to each package. Our internal product code date system is printed on a label and is applied to each case as it passes through the production line. These code dates consists of five digit lot numbers and six digit pallet tag numbers.

In addition to our product code, there is also a nine digit stamp code on each case provided by the DFA upon completion of their thorough quality inspection. The first two digits of the DFA stamp code identify the year product was inspected. The next three digits identify the actual date it was inspected, using the Julian Date. The last four digits of DFA stamp are an identification code of DFA employee inspecting the product.

Product Recall System

In the event of a recall, Atlas World Food & Agriculture will work effortlessly to ensure that all products identified as part of a recall are returned under all circumstances. This process is conducted by our trained management team who are well prepared for such crisis.

In such event, Atlas will use the product code on the label from the case in question to identify all product produced on a particular day or within a given lot. Atlas will make every effort to notify the customer(s) effected by this product and initiate a recall of all remaining, unused product.

To help insure our smooth process, our management team conducts a mock recall annually.

Our commitment to health and safety is a top priority.

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