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Atlas World Food & Agriculture (AWFA) is one of the newest names in the edible nut and orchard industry, while being based upon one of the oldest, most well established companies in the San Joaquin Valley - Blain Farms, with over a 30-year history. AWFA is a vertically integrated food processing and related farming enterprise that grows, purchases, processes, packages, stores, markets, sells, and exports walnuts, pecans and other edible nuts and products.
Our Products & Services
AWFA provides marketing, advertising, sales, storage, shipping, exporting, packaging and processing of nuts, at a fixed cost, while passing on the balance of the sales proceeds to the grower. Atlas does not speculate on the market price of the nuts at the expense of the grower. It provides the highest level of Food Safety Standards, complying fully with and going beyond the Food Safety Standards Modernization Act, providing a firewall, or insulating barrier between regulators and your orchard.

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